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A lot of people seem to have trouble understanding why it's an issue to make "this reminds me of ___!" comments on people's original designs, so allow me to explain.

If only one person makes the comment, and/or the comparison is justified because the design actually does have a strong resemblance on multiple levels, or at the very least the design it's being compared to isn't fuck-awful on its own, it's not that much of an issue. But a problem will arise if multiple people compare the design to the same thing, and the comparison is coming from their perception being warped by an obsession with the media they are comparing it to, so there's actually little to no similarity in reality. If the artist can't see the resemblance because their design is being compared over a highly generic and/or minor similarity, the repeated comparisons can gaslight the artist into distrusting their own perception, by causing an intense internal frustration with being unable to see the resemblance that everyone else sees. But if so many people say they see the resemblance, it MUST be there, even if the OC artist cant see it, so something must be wrong with their perception, right?

See the problem? When multiple people dogpile on a design and reach real hard to compare it to something they like instead of just letting it be its own thing, this can drive the artist insane, because it tells the artist that they are not creative if everything they make just looks like something else, that being creative is a waste, and that they must be delusional and/or in denial for not understanding how so many people see some popular character in their OC because of one extremely generic trait they have in common by complete coincidence.

For the love of god, every design ever made is a pastiche. We design things as amalgams of stuff we like/find interesting by our very nature. It comes off as pretentious and obnoxious when you compare someone's art to something YOU like, instead of taking their own interests and influences into account. People don't hate comparisons because "muh OC is originul", people hate them because the commentator isn't even trying to remotely respect the artist's influences and intentions. They aren't seeing what the artist created at all, they are erasing the artist's creation and projecting something else onto it instead.

You don't know the mental stability of the artist, and you don't know how many times they've had their OC compared to the same thing before, so please do mentally ill artists a favor and stop telling them their designs look like something they probably don't even recognize. It's not a compliment, it's mental abuse.

Don't be a :iconcomparisonmonkeyplz:


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